Orlando Trackless Train For Rent

Our Goal is to put a smile on your face from the start to the end of your event. Our Trackless Choo-Choo Train, brings the memories of the replica 4-4-0 steam  locomotive named Jupiter, that linked the East Coast to freedom of the West.

Our "MAGICAL TRAIN RIDES" has actual smoke that comes out of the locomotive accompanied with music and realistic sounds of a train in motion.

That is why our train is called "MAGICAL TRAIN RIDES", because it has part of past nostalgia with the happiness of the present. This trackless carnival train is special; it is the most superior of its kind that you will see around. The bright Colors and design bring excitement to every child and adult who sees it. Our "MAGICAL TRAIN RIDES" choo-choo train has a coal car, two passenger cars and a caboose, that can carry 24 children  but adults are welcome. Our colorful celebration train Operates with no tracks and no electricity, is environmentally friendly, all electrical system ensures silent Operation. It operates with 48 V batteries that work for 8 to 10 hours.

In order to rent our "MAGICAL TRAIN RIDES" you need and area that has a smooth flat surface, like a parking lot and residential streets in which to operate, our "MAGICAL TRAIN RIDES" is a birthday party and any event favorite in the Orlando area. We are a service company servicing customers in Orlando, Florida. Our company is owned and operated by special attendants

We also have an ipod and MP 3 connector ,if you have any music preference, give us
your ipod  or MP3 and we will accommodate your music.

And we are proudly celebrating five years in business.

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